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“I always like a target on board and sort of analyze my game and sort out how I want to go about it.”

This is what Virat Kohli has said after a record-breaking chase by India where he went on to score 115, his second century of the cricket series being played between Australia and India. Virat made these centuries against the backdrop of chasing mammoth totals and under lot of pressure.

For me, it just appeared like summarizing the essence of life. Life appears better when we chase with a target on board rather than setting up a target, not necessarily in the game alone, but even outside the game.

Any sport would require certain amount of practice by which a sportsperson can understand her strengths and weaknesses, so that she can play according to the situation game puts her in. Analyzing one’s own game and understanding where can she go with what she posses is very important for a sportsperson.

On the similar lines, analyzing one’s own life and understanding the direction one has to travel and setting up a target to reach or achieve in life will certainly makes one’s life lot more meaningful and enjoyable. By target I mean having a vision on what to achieve before the end of life and converting that as a goal. Goal can be anything, it can be like becoming a millionaire, it can be like doing a social work, it can be like just taking care of family and providing good education to children, or for that matter not having a goal at all. But, spend time in understanding where do you want to go in life and have a clear understanding of the direction of life even if that is just going to be living life as it comes.

Lot of us takes life as it comes and nothing wrong in that as long as one is comfortable with that. At one point in time I was also like that. I just traveled wherever life took me without really understanding where I am going. I was not aware where I should go nor did I make any effort towards understanding the direction I should go – I am talking about an inner direction that tell us about the meaning of life, not just about earning money or getting settled in the job.

I used to think that the best way to handle life is to take it as it comes. But, over the years, a sort of an uncomfortable feel set in and threw questions like where do you want to go? What are you trying to do? This, after reaching what appears to be a steady-state in career after putting in 15+ years of experience and with a respectable materialistic success too. That surprised me and made me go through lot of introspection and inner search, trying to understand that uncomfortable, niggling feel inside.

After spending more than couple of years in that search to understand the meaning of work as well as purpose of life, I now at least have a target to chase. Now that there is a target to chase, it is making me to understand myself lot deeper from every perspective. Questions like how am I handling my work, how am I handling my relationships, where do I draw strength from, how am I interacting with others, how empathetic I am, how compassionate I am, etc. started popping up in front of me at an increased frequency, and the more I think on these lines, the better am becoming being at ease with myself.

This transformation in thought process is a life-changing one for me from the perspective of understanding life from within.

Like Virat said about his game, having a target on board helps him to sort out how he wants to go about it, having a target to achieve in life will help us to sort out the web of intricacies around us in life.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all – Oscar Wilde”

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