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Pedestal Fan in my room that is serving me very loyally since last summer has off late started generating less air throw. I then noticed that lot of dust particles formed on the grill of the fan like a screen which is restricting the air flow. Today being Sunday, I have decided to spend some time in cleaning the grill. The fan has a molded grill with a tiny screw to separate it from the main unit and I could not find the right size screw driver to open it. It was quite an exercise to clean the grill without separating it from the main unit and it took some time to really make it clean. I was full of sweat by the time I finished the cleaning as was my mind which was full of thoughts. The effort was worthwhile as air throw from the fan has substantially improved.

This entire cleaning exercise has made me to think little bit more and for reasons unknown my thoughts went even deeper and towards “Cleansing Heart.”

Many of us, whether working or not, normally run our day-to-day affairs with busy and tight schedules and right from the moment of getting up from bed until the moment of hitting sack, it will be running against the time. During these moments of life, we meet people, talk, argue, engage in conversations, form opinions, update our status messages on FB, tweet, and most importantly goes through an emotional roller-coaster.

I am talking about that Emotional Roller-Coaster that we experience. There will be moments of frustration, there will be moments of joy, there will be moments of sorrow and disappointment, there will be moments of love, and there will be moments of jealousy, well, the list goes on. Whether we realize or not, if we dissect a day of our life and look at it block by block with each block comprising different moments and our emotions associated with those moments, I am sure we will have all kinds of blocks that I mentioned above, joy, frustration, etc.

Now, the question is if we continuously run each day in the same manner, doing a set of activities, how are we going to deal with these emotions? I meant, how are we going to form and retain the blocks of moments that will help us to become better as a personality and leave all those blocks of moments that will not help us?

For reasons that I am not and will not be able to understand with my limited intellectual capacity, we always separate our thoughts as thoughts from heart and thoughts from brain. We normally attribute the thoughts that are straight, data dependent, logically correct, to our brain and thoughts that are emotional with a touch of feeling and beyond explanation or logic, to our heart.

But, does the heart really think? Is it capable of producing thoughts? Science says thoughts are primarily produced at brain or what we also call as mind. Then, why are we attributing thoughts to heart? Well, you can keep thinking with your brain.

Now, if we keep running our life without a thought about “Cleansing the Heart” how are we going to clear the haziness that is being created by all the emotions that normally go through? How are we going to clear the curtain of dust that is formed by blocks of moments? What is our process or method to Cleanse the Heart? If we don’t put in efforts to cleanse, who else will do that?

I believe we all should set aside some time to think and ponder upon the emotions that we go through both positive and negative, and have to spend some time thinking on the merits and de-merits of carrying these emotions in the heart. By thinking, I meant deeper, inner, and intense thinking – where we are accountable and responsible to our own self – dissecting all the emotions that we felt through blocks of moments we have experienced. By doing this and spending time on this, we can get rid of some of the negative emotions from the heart, and heart can be cleansed.

What I have experienced in my life’s blocks of moments is it is not possible for a normal human being to not to experience the emotions of jealousy, disappointment, desire, lust, etc. But, the question is how one should deal with these emotions? Should we leave these emotions just like that forever or should we try to cleanse our heart?

Cleansing Heart is one of the best ways to handle these emotional curtains which blocks our energy and positiveness. There is nothing complicated in this, just sit and let your emotions run through for few minutes and start dissecting all the emotions looking for a reason which is making you to feel so. Start removing the emotions formed based on the actions which you have no control upon nor you are responsible and are not going to help you anyway, and am sure you will feel little relaxed and rejuvenated after this cleansing.

If we leave these emotions unattended and allow them to be inside without cleansing, it will only form a curtain of dust like the one formed on the fan cover reducing the air throw.

 Start a new day with a clean heart. No doubt, no tears, no fear, no worry – Unknown.