Recent episode of IPL spot fixing (visit http://www.espncricinfo.com/indian-premier-league-2013/content/story/636375.html for a full coverage) took all the cricket lovers by surprise. It is hurting all the cricket fans and it is even more hurting that it has happened in a team which is captained by one of the most respectable persons that cricket has ever seen, Rahul Dravid, and one of the accused, Sreesanth, has played for India too under Rahul’s captaincy.

Now that this episode has come out in open, there is a huge talk about punishments like lifetime ban, criminal cases, etc. But, the larger question that is there in front of us is bigger than just cricket. It is about what are we teaching our children and youth and how are we teaching?

If you recollect what we have studied in our thought-forming/personality-shaping  years, it would have been about science, mathematics, social studies, and languages. Now, recollect what we have studied in college – it is again our chosen specialized subjects in science and humanities. Once we come out of college, be it after graduation or masters, and once we are at work, it is only about work-related study through corporate training programs and self-motivated training programs, if at all.

Now, if our system only concentrates on teaching us various subjects for the sake of knowledge and nothing about dealing with vagaries of life, how do we expect all of us to cope with the pace at which life comes at us?

Supposedly one has become famous, where is the baseline of thoughts for him to understand and handle the success/fame and handle it appropriately? Supposedly one has seen a failure, from where should he draw inspiration for fighting back?

With no specific systemic support or coaching or training, it is left to the individuals to handle fame and failure.

Some of us are lucky to get guidance and support from family, some from friends. But, don’t we require a system to be in place which prepares the individuals to handle both pressure and fame? I believe there has to be a systemic support through education for all the individuals on how to handle LIFE. Maybe, we would have been seen a different Sreesanth with life coaching, we will never know.

With all the stories about being honest, being simple, following ethics etc, are being told until primary school level and with the intrusion of technology into every aspect of life at an early age, where is the guidance to follow in pre-teens and in teenage? Who is going to tell about how to handle the pressures, temptations, luring of money, frustrations, and failures?

Kids are no longer the same as kids used to be in earlier generations. They are growing lot faster, emotionally, and with internet and current-day media bringing everything into their life at an unimaginably early age, where should they look at to know what is right and what it wrong? Where are the baselines/guide lines for somebody to even know that their thought process or what they are into is wrong?

Our education system still teaches the same subjects, maybe with an updated syllabus and topics, and in same way as it has been doing for so many decades. But, what we have failed to take into account is the cultural and emotional changes happened over the years.

When there is a huge change in the way we live and with so  many opportunities to get spoiled available, don’t you think it is the time for us to strengthen our educational system too by adding a subject on LIFE?

I strongly believe the current educational system has to be augmented with a   subject on LIFE, starting from the middle school level, based on coaching and training methodology where one gets exposed to various scenarios of life and will be taught on how to handle these tough scenarios and how to negotiate the difficult moments of life.

Yes, it will not practically possible to teach in a methodically way on life, offering sure shot solutions for various scenarios that one might face or might not face. But,  at least exposing to various scenarios and emotions of life will definitely help us to prepare ourselves better to face both highs and lows of life and to take better decisions in those critical moments. After all, education has to be holistic and fundamentally should help to lead our lives better.

The most important function of education at any level is to develop the personality of the individual and the significance of his life to himself and to others – Grayson Kirk